Composites is Mireille Gagnon’s latest project, which presents a formal exploration developed from elements derived from industrial objects. Through this work, Mireille seeks to dissociate the industrial object from its function by reappropriating it and creating new three-dimensional forms. For this project, nine geometric shapes have been developed, along with an interlocking system allowing the various forms to be connected very precisely. By subsequently truncating some of these shapes, the artist enhances the diversity of sizes in the pieces and expands the potential arrangement options.

A creative process akin to play is set in motion, each form becoming a component of a composite that can be constructed from one or multiple forms through assembly or juxtaposition. Fascinated by the duality between 2D and 3D dimensions, Mireille presents a monochromatic universe devoid of any alteration, allowing the facets and three-dimensional forms to gently intertwine. Viewers are encouraged to immerse themselves in this formal universe, as the spatial arrangement allows them to engage in a creative process that is personal to them.

To achieve such a high precision work, Mireille used 3D modeling technology to create her forms, followed by 3D printing to produce the final prototypes. Molds were then created from these prototypes, into which the artist poured liquid clay (slip casting) to craft the final forms. The exploration of the minimalist universe requires constant rigor and control from Mireille over her medium, leaving no room for error at each stage of the process. It is a continuous journey for the artist to find effective solutions to achieve an optimal result that meets her high standards.

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Thank you to Première Ovation for the financial support granted to this project, which greatly contributed to its realization.

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