Clean and care


Because all our products are handmade and unique, they may vary from the images displayed on this website.


  • Please note that all pieces from this project are sculptural and not food or water safe. There is no glaze applied to the stoneware, so the pieces are porous. Therefore, they cannot be used for holding water, food, or items that could damage the surface.
  • Product care: Dust off using a can of compressed air or a soft dry cloth that does not leave lint. Do not clean with water. Handle the pieces delicately, with clean hands or gloves
  • No warranty applies to stains that may appear on the pieces due to mishandling. All pieces are handmade, so slight variations may be present.

Axel Collection

  • These products are dishwasher safe. However, some cleaning products can be very abrasive. It is preferable to hand wash them for better product longevity.
  • Thermal shocks - Avoid placing the pieces in the oven; the oven is a source of intense heat and rapid temperature changes when the piece is removed.
  • Microwave use is to be avoided, especially for plates, because it does not heat evenly, creating intense sources of uneven heat distribution. This could cause cracks or other issues (handmade ceramics are a fragile product that require attention).
  • Because the undersides of the pieces are not glazed (there is no glaze sealing the ceramic), it is important to avoid leaving the product in a sink for too long with coffee or other residues, which could stain the undersides of the pieces over time.